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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Forever, Never!

Last weekend, while embarking on a fabulous shopping spree, I spent my first purchase at the famous Forever 21. While making a purchase on my first credit card-I've always paid with cash-a extremely rude cashier decided to take his frustration out on me. Although I spent quite a bit of money on my purchase, his attitude did not leave me feeling like a valued customer. As I tried to make conversation, as I usually would at a store, he replied as if he was mocking me and was very sarcastic. I have always received some what rude behavior while shopping, helping others buy things doesn't sound like a golden career, but this guy made me leave feeling stupid for trying to talk to him. Finally, I put my card in my wallet and left the store.

 A few days later I came in to the store looking for a close to identical pair of feather earrings that I had lost. While looking, I realized the cashier was the same guy I had dealt with days before. The fashionable women putting up with his lack of service were getting frustrated with his attitude as well. I overheard them asking for a pair of shoes they needed in a different size, but instead of helping or looking in "the back", the cashier told them "Look Yourself." I couldn't believe what I heard. Of course they had already looked, I watched them myself going back and forth from the register to the rack where the shoes were. Sadly, the two girls left the store unaccomplished and with empty hands. I may have left with my full purchase, but i also walked out with an unfriendly knot twisted in my stomach. Unfortunately, I never asked for his name so I am incapable of making a proper complaint. IF THIS, OR ANYTHING RESEMBLING THIS SITUATION HAS HAPPENED TO YOU, PLEASE COMMENT BELOW :)

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  1. I have experienced some terrible service myself. Probably the most awful service i had was in fact at Forever 21. Love your blog already! Happy Blogging.

    Amy@The Fashion Times